Let’s make your hair more beautiful!

make your hair more beautiful

Let’s make your hair more beautiful!

Let’s make your hair more beautiful!

With the ongoing uncertainties of the current lockdown which has a negative financial and social impact on most of us, we are certainly feeling stressed and having anxiety attacks. As we know that one of the main causes for hair loss is from stress and anxiety. These 2 emotions can trigger our hair to fall in abundance, so before it starts to happen, let’s exercise prevention instead. Because once you start to experience hair loss and thinking it may grow back, you’d be shocked to know that it may NOT!

So here’s a few tips for you to try at home. Let’s make your hair more beautiful!

  • Wash your hair with warm water and finish with cold water

To wash your hair with warm water can help wash off dirt and oil from the scalp and hair. Also, helps to open the pores for hair care products to work more efficiently. And to finish with cold water can help to close pores and make the hair soft and shiny.

  • Let the hair dry naturally

The best way to dry hair is to let the hair dry naturally. If girls don’t have much time, you can use the cool air dryer to help dry hair quickly and hair is not damaged from the heat of the dryer as well.


  • Hair treatment

Hair treatment with household items such as olive oil, coconut oil, egg yolk by making treatment 15 – 20 minutes and then rinsing will help nourish the hair to be soft, smooth and touching.

make your hair more beautiful

Use hair care products

In addition to using natural ingredients to nourish hair to be soft, beautiful and healthy, using hair and scalp care products such as hair serum also help your hair to be healthy and smooth. Moreover, hair serum is convenient to use without rinsing off and saving your time!

So, WE all know the tips at home on hair care, prevention and nourishment that 4MEGA serves to you. Are you ready to take care of your hair? It’s time!

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