3 Steps to Nourishing Your Scalp

Nourishing Your Scalp

3 Steps to Nourishing Your Scalp

4MEGA has three steps to stop your hair from falling out. Reconditioning, reactivating, and lastly maintaining.

3 Steps to Nourishing Your Scalp : 

The reconditioning phase will remove scalp symptoms such as dryness which can cause dandruff to fall out. Free radicals, otherwise known as reactive oxygen species are active molecules which plays a large role in the aging process. It can affect cellular structure membranes, DNA, lipids and proteins. As you age, your body will accumulate more of them as your defensive mechanism starts to decrease. 4MEGA will help with removing such molecules from the scalp. By doing so the scalp becomes well-conditioned and a suitable environment for hair loss to halt.

Secondly, the serum will reactivate hair cells to prevent future hair loss. Within 30 days your hair will appear stronger and smoother than before

Lastly, to maintain even hair growth and strength, we recommend that you use the product for an extended period of time to ensure your scalp stays healthy!

That’s how Nourishing Your Scalp

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