4MEGA dose not support cruelty

Crocodile Blood Studies

4MEGA dose not support cruelty

Crocodiles are farmed for their meat, the same as cattle and chickens,
The meat is low in cholesterol and regarded as a delicacy in many
restaurants around the world. The fat is a by product of farming and
unless used for medical purposes it is discarded.
No crocodiles are killed for the sole purpose of obtaining the fat.

Other parts of the crocodile are
used for leather goods, the meat as well as other medicinal products.

Our Thai crocodile oil:
1. are made with a special chemical free process that results in a higher
chemical free oil
2. is Rich in Omega’s – 3, 6,7, 9 [nourishing and moisturizing your skin]
3. No rancid smell
4. is Gentle for all skin types
5. is use for burns , wounds , sunburns , irritated , cracked skin and other
skin conditions
6. is perfect for oil-based cosmetics such as ointment , aroma essential
oil ,soap , cream and balm etc.
7. Legally registered crocodile farms

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